Benefits of Group Cruises

Here are the Benefits for Booking Group Cruises


1.  TC (Tour Conductor Credit)  Depending on the cruise line, you can get a free birth or cabin for a specified number of passengers. You can either use the TC for yourself or sell it for 100% commission.  FYI-the free part of the TC does not include the taxes, this you do pay.

2.  GAP (Group Amenity Points) Depending on the cruise line or sailing your group might be allotted a certain number of points to be used for amenities (On Board Credit, Wine, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Specialty Dining, etc)  for your passengers.

3.  Price is locked in.  If the cruise price goes up, your price stays the same.  The only way this can vary would be if taxes or fees change.

4.  Longer Deposit Deadlines

5.  Your group can dine together with notice to the cruise line prior to sailing

6.  Most cruise lines have a conference center, so you can book private parties for your group in conference rooms or the lounges.

7.  Some cruise lines offer priority boarding for groups if they arrive together.  You should get the deatils from the cruise line.

8.  Hold more cabins at the same rate without putting names on the bookings.

9.  Some sailing offer reduced deposits for groups.

10.  Some cruise lines will give you a group coordinator to help you work the details before the cruise.

11.  All cruise lines have group coordinators on the ship to help you with your group

12.  Even though your pricing is set with group cruises, if a lower price can be found due to a sale or some other initiative, you can sometimes swap out the cabins for the lower price.  Ask, the cruise lines for the downside to doing this before you make this move.

13.  Many cruise lines have the policy that a deposit deadline is extended if you create a group with the minimum number of cabins.