How to Join the Incentive Connection Family

Please do your Due Diligence.  We are not an agency that fits the needs of every agent.  If you decide we are the Host you want to affiliate with, please fill out the applications below.

Sabre is Optional.  If you intend to do many airline tickets, Sabre will save you time and money (Time in this business is Money).

If you intend to do mainly cruise and/or package travel, there is no need for the Sabre GDS.  We will give you full access to all supplier booking engines.  For cruise business, we offer Sabre Cruise….free.  For Tour Operators, Cars and Hotels, Sabre Vacations is what you will rely on….free….as well as access, at no cost to you, to every supplier’s booking engines.

Please carefully fill out these applications and scan and email or fax to us for processing including a legible copy of a government picture ID such as a drivers license or passport.  If all is in order and verification of your information is routine, we will complete your enrollment within 1 business day.

Welcome to Incentive Connection Travel.

Independent Contractor Agreement (!!Please submit with Notarized Copy of your Drivers License/State ID!!)

Support Package App (Includes E & O Insurance)

Sabre Application (Optional, Not recommended unless you plan on selling corporate travel, Sabre will only be issued if you have experience using a GDS. If you are new to the industry, you may apply for Sabre after 6 months) (Please include a notarized copy of your driver’s license/state ID)

About Sabre GSD